Reliable Home Remodeling

"Roger Krost stands head and shoulders above the others, an exception in his line of work. He is a contractor who is reliable, conscientious, a man of his word. And his work ethic is equal to what he expects and requires from his crew. It is a rare occasion to not find Roger on the job site. He's a stickler for precision and making sure the execution of the job is as valuable as the job spec. Roger Krost is a necessity and worth every penny."

David Wendelman
Los Feliz remodeling (whole house, baths, fireplace, etc.)

Professional Construction Management

"Constructing a 14,700 square foot COMPLICATED house is not for the faint of heart. We couldn't have done it without Roger Krost of ConSpec Building Systems. Roger's construction management firm rescued our project when the original general contractor defaulted. A potential disaster became a pleasure. Professional on-site management kept the legion of subcontractors and material deliveries flowing smoothly and the finances and disbursements orderly, on time and most importantly, on budget. Recommendations from ConSpec Building Systems actually saved money. The daily, computerized reports documented who was on site, what was installed, when inspectors called and the outcome. We admired Roger's hard work and honesty during construction and we remain professional and personal friends 12 years later-with NO construction defects!"

Jim and Georgene LaBarba
Rancho Palos Verdes new ultra custom home (15,000 sq/ft)