Typically for projects valued at more than $1,000,000

Although we offer our services to owners of projects of all sizes, we have found that projects valued above this level generally reap the greatest benefits from our "partnering" concept. An example of a project that would fit into this category would be a large custom home or similarly complex, large-scale project.

Benefits to you:
Utilizing our unique partnering concept, ConSpec Building Systems works directly for the owner, as the owners' agent or advocate (rather than as a General Contractor). We have found that this arrangement eliminates the adversarial situations that often develop in a more traditional "owner-contractor" relationship. This approach can often lower your total cost on large projects. It also offers the owner more control over the project than more traditional management methods. Utilizing our computerized management systems, we can offer more timely completion; much higher-quality construction with reduced construction defects and callbacks; higher value for your construction dollar. The final result?

  • High Quality
  • Potentially Lower Cost
  • More Control and Involvement